A diaper or a nappy is a type of underwear that allows the wearer to defecate or urinate without the use of a toilet, by absorbing or containing waste products to prevent soiling of outer clothing or the external environment.

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Comfortable babies are happy babies, which is why our baby diapers designed to perform to the highest standards.


1. Super Absorbent Polymers: Absorbs liquid rapidly and locks it into the diaper. It keeps your baby’s skin dry by keeping liquid away.

2. Leakproof Barriers: Special developed barriers help to prevent leakage from legs.

3. Extra Stretch Side Bands: New more elastic side bands provide comfort and freedom of movement.

4. Anatomical Structure: It’s designed to fit your baby’s body perfectly.

5. Soft Textile Surface: Since it soft and breathable, it prevents your baby from rash and irritation.

6. Cottony touch: It has a soft inner surface to make your baby’s sensitive skin comfortable.

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